Back in May Google announced some additional implementation of its machine learning technology would soon be rolled out to enhance certain products and services, among them: attribution modeling & Ad Words. In late August, 2017 it was announced ad rotation settings which determine how AdWords delivers your ads will change.

What’s changing?

Starting September 25, 2017, three updates will be made to simplify and improve ad rotation:

1. There will only be two ad rotation settings:

• “Optimize” will use Google’s machine learning technology to deliver ads that are expected to perform better than other ads in your ad group.
• “Rotate indefinitely” will deliver your ads more evenly for an indefinite amount of time.

Starting September 25,”optimize for conversions” and “rotate evenly” will be greyed out in the AdWords interface. This means:

• Campaigns using “optimize for clicks”, “optimize for conversions” or “rotate evenly” will use “optimize.”
• Campaigns using “rotate indefinitely” will stay the same.

2. Campaigns using Smart Bidding will use “optimize” regardless of their ad rotation setting.
3. Ad rotation settings will be available at the ad group level.